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I work in partnership with a variety of companies and individuals to provide a complete service offer to my clients. These are all businesses and people I love to work with and who are brilliant at what they do. I would highly recommend all of their services.

Together, we are great.

margaret guillen - business coach

cerberon solutions

Cerberon Solutions offer cloud phone solutions and affordable e-commerce solutions as well as web development and hosting, IT support and equipment advice for you business.

pink seo marketing

pink SEO

At Pink SEO we specialise in website optimisation, to give your site great visibility online.

We provide a variety of services, including a Website Audit – which gives an overview of your website’s health – highlighting any errors your site has with content, keywords, links, tags, speed and much more.

Pink SEO Keyword Research shows the average monthly search volume of any keyword and all related phrase matches and related keywords, as well as other important search result statistics. Having this information, enables us to determine the best keywords to obtain the best results.

We also then offer either monthly SEO Tracking Services or SEO Training Courses to check and access your site’s positioning and google rankings. To optimise your site further we can also supply a backlinks reports and advice on improving the backlinks to your site.



Photoplan are property marketing specialists, offering property photography, floor plans, CGIs, videos and 360 virtual tours.

margaret guillen - business coach


I help service-based female Solopreneurs to develop their vision, attract ideal clients and make more money by becoming the ‘go to expert’. Whether you’ve just started a business or are taking your existing business to new heights, I am here to help you turn your dreams into a profitable reality.

Getting your business up and running requires clarity, vision and the ability to consistently execute the right strategies. Without a roadmap or guidance, the process can be overwhelming and difficult.

Through my personalised 1-2-1 business coaching, I will help you to clarify your business vision and goals, leverage your unique strengths, understand your numbers and profit plan, identify your ideal customers and craft a unique strategy to connect with them and set yourself apart from the competition.

During our individual sessions, you will learn effective strategies to sell and market more effectively, therefore creating a rewarding and profitable business. And you’ll do all of this in a way that’s fully aligned with your integrity and values.

So if you have a service that you believe in, something you are passionate about, I can help.

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