Is your branding doing your incredible business justice?

Or is outdated, inconsistent or thrown-together design letting you down?

If it is… you could be missing out on new clients!


In the early years of business, things get put together one piece at a time. First, you build a website. Then you create your social media. Maybe you throw in a logo.

Then you blink and you’re several years into running your business. It’s thriving. And you’re busy. Really busy! But your branding is still the same as when you first started. 

You’ve got mismatched colours and fonts on your marketing materials, your logo hasn’t changed in 10 years and you know it could look so much more professional. But you just don’t have the time to do it yourself. Plus, you wouldn’t know where to start.

Sound familiar? We get it! 

When you first start a business, there are so many other things to consider. It’s easy (and very common) for your brand to become an afterthought, especially when you don’t have a dedicated design team on board.

But, did you know …

New users make a decision on the credibility of your business in the first 5-10 seconds of browsing your site.

Customer loyalty is proven to increase with consistent visuals and brand presence.

Professional branding creates trust in your business before a potential client even gets on the phone with you.

If your branding isn’t communicating your expertise and professionalism, it could be costing you leads without you even realising it. 

That’s why we created our Brand Audit service. 

Time and time again, we see incredible brands losing out to newer, shinier businesses simply because they don’t have the headspace or design team to create a powerful, joined-up brand and impress new clients.

We’re on a mission to make that change.

Don’t let your competitors tell a better visual story.

The Brand Audit will provide you with thorough guidance on how to keep your brand fresh, professional and on-point.

What is a Brand Audit?

Brands are like living entities. They have life cycles, which means they should be regularly reviewed to ensure they’re effective. Our Brand Audit provides you with a clear direction to revitalise your brand, identify problem areas and grow your business through professional recommendations and 360° analysis, to stand out amongst the competition.

Brand Audit

If you haven’t refreshed your brand or marketing materials for a few years and feel they’re starting to let you down, then this is the perfect place to begin.

A Brand Audit is perfect for you if…

  • Your logo’s more than 10 years old.
  • Your website’s more than five years old, or feels dated.
  • You don’t feel like you’re attracting the right clients.
  • Your branding doesn’t reflect your experience or expertise.
  • You don’t feel proud of your brand.
  • You’re losing business to new competitors with fresh branding and clearer messaging.
  • Your marketing materials, logos and website are inconsistent.
  • You have no brand guidelines in place to send to suppliers when commissioning work.
  • You want to feel confident to stand out at exhibitions and presentations.
  • You’re rebranding, and you need support with a new visual identity.

A Brand Audit will highlight the problem areas that could be costing you customers.

We’ll provide solutions to increase trust, foster brand awareness and make sure you stand out to your ideal clients.


Brand Audit Brand Book
Brand Audit: Logo
Brand Audit Brand Book
Brand Audit - website review
Brand Audit: Printed Materials

Ready to create a captivating brand? Here’s how it works.

Brand Audit Step 1

Book your audit

When you contact us, we’ll ask you to provide us with your current marketing materials. If a brand strategy, brand book or brand guidelines exist, send us those as well. Everything you provide will give us a broader overview of the business before we pull together our branding recommendations.

Brand Audit Step 2

Phone/zoom consultation

We’ll discuss current problem areas, the desired direction for your business and your marketing materials over a 60-minute consultation, before advising on next steps and improvements. Everything from your logo to your online presence will be covered.

Brand Audit Step 3

Follow up

We’ll provide you with a written report on all your current branding, as well as areas of opportunity. You’ll come away with thorough, expert recommendations for each, ready to implement however you choose in the future.

Angela Zeballos of

Hi, I’m Angela Zeballos …

…and I’m the creative director and founder of – a virtual design agency established in 2013.

With 20+ years’ experience in the design world, count on us to provide innovative design solutions to strengthen brand awareness and make sure you stand out.

Plus, we’ll bring a 100% impartial (and expert) perspective to your business – it’s almost impossible to view things objectively when it’s your own brand!

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our clients have to say… completed a Brand Audit for PCS Instruments before we started work on a brand refresh. The audit was thorough, constructive and clearly communicated. The document was a very valuable reference tool during the subsequent brand refresh.


Grace Hully
Sales & Marketing Manager, PCS Instruments

Frequently asked questions

I know my branding could be better, but I’m still busy with clients. Is a Brand Audit really that important?

Branding is a fundamental part of brand perception. How would it feel to have absolute confidence in your brand, knowing it’s working round the clock to attract the right audience? How would a more premium look and feel impact your business? Professional branding can help you raise your rates, create stronger client relationships and even attract higher-paying clients, so it’s well worth investing in it if your business is more than a few years old.

How many things will you review during the audit?

We’ll take a look at your logo and visual identity as a whole, advising on where there’s potential for improvement. A basic design review of your website, with suggestions for improvement in user experience (UX), is also included, and we’ll also review visual brand consistency over social media channels. Additionally, we review up to three marketing materials, like business cards, PowerPoint templates, creds documents, flyers and brochures. These could be printed or in PDF format. If you require more, an additional cost will be incurred, but three is a great place to start.

How much does the Brand Audit cost and how do I book?

It’s an investment of £1350+VAT, with optional add-ons, like SEO, should you want them. To book, simply book your Brand Audit consultation here. We’ll then send you an invoice to pay in full prior to the session. 

Will you review my website SEO?

Sure! If required, you can also receive a site audit for SEO and site performance to see how your website could be improved and found more easily on Google. This incurs an additional cost – just ask about it when you make your booking.

Will you provide design work as part of the package?

Not at this stage. The Brand Audit is designed to provide you with recommendations moving forward, giving you total clarity before you spend money on a design refresh. Although we won’t create any new designs as part of the audit, you can work with (or any other agency) to carry out the recommendations afterwards, should you choose to do so. We’d love to support you further!

What do I need to prepare ahead of our consultation?

The meeting should ideally be with the owner or senior member/s of the team. If a brand strategy, brand book or brand guidelines exist, please provide these ahead of the call. This will enable us to gain a broad overview of the business and its brand. All current marketing materials should also be supplied for the brand review so we can gain a holistic understanding and provide a full external perspective on how your branding is impacting client perception.

Can we conduct the Brand Audit face-to-face?

If a face-to-face consult is preferred, this can also be arranged at an additional cost (pandemic permitting!).

What materials will you provide us with as part of the audit?

As well as the 60-minute consultation session, a written report will be produced and supplied covering: logo, visual identity, online presence, website recommendations and printed materials. If you have previously had a brand strategy, a brand book or brand guidelines implemented, then a review of these will be made to establish whether anything could be added or evolved. If nothing has been produced, then we can advise whether it would be useful to do this or not.  The report will detail recommendations for improvement within each area.

What if I’m not 100% sure this is right for me?

We get it! If you’d like to discuss whether this is the best choice for you and whether now is the right time, click here to book a complimentary 30 minute consultation.

Are you ready to create a captivating brand that attracts high-end clients and enquiries?

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