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Engineering company rebrand & website design

PCS Instruments approached az.design to help with their brand consistency. As leaders in Tribology Instrument manufacturing (that’s science lab equipment to you and me!), they wanted to attract commercial and lifestyle markets on top of their established energy and industrial ones.


Visual identity
Brand guidelines
Brochure design
Website design
Exhibition stand design


PCS Instruments website rebrand

The brief

When they reached out to us, PCS Instruments was all over the place with various design styles for different outputs. Although they were an established business in their sector, the brand was not reflecting this professionalism. It looked tired and dated – especially in comparison with competitors – and they also wanted to break out into the more polished industries of Leisure and Beauty. So a brand refresh was definitely on the cards! Whilst they had capabilities in-house to manage some of the marketing materials, they lacked knowledge to bring it all together into a professional-looking, sleeker brand that appealed to newer markets.


az.design started with a Brand Audit Report, which included advice and suggestions to improve brand consistency and establish the best path for the brand refresh. As the project was focused on moving into new markets, we focused our analysis on their digital and printed marketing channels, with competitor insights to inform direction.


PCS Instruments now stand proud against their younger, more contemporary competitors and have the USP of being established whilst looking current. The new brand identity has given them confidence to approach businesses in Beauty & Leisure industries with their new polished image.


PCS Instruments rebrand brochure design

Client testimonial

Working with Angela has been a pleasure. She took the time initially to fully understand our company ethos and requirements. As a result az.design produced an excellent brand guidelines document. With Angela’s continued support we are updating all of our marketing material to be consistent and inline with our new contemporary look.

GRACE HULLY, Sales & Marketing Manager

Design deliverables

Visual identity

We started with a new colour palette, choosing reds and blues to reflect the bio industries and more consumer-focused lifestyle brands. Stock photography and icons were also produced to represent them in a visual manner. Finally, graphics devices and patterns were produced based on a ‘friction bar’ concept to highlight their core specialism and make PCS immediately recognisable within their industry.

Brand guidelines & brochure design

We produced an extensive brand guidelines document to be used as a guide internally in their marketing department, and given to other media suppliers. This focused on bringing a more glamorous and sleek approach to the overall look and feel, so as to appeal more to the beauty industry. The corporate brochure and product brochures were redesigned alongside business cards and stationery to bring them in-line with the new direction.

Website design & consultancy

az.design also worked on a consultancy basis, advising on the update of the website design in accordance with the new brand guidelines. We sourced website developers and produced UI (user interface) design concepts for the developers to build bespoke. 

PCS Instruments Brand Refresh
PCS Rebrand Guidelines
PCS Rebrand Guidelines
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PCS Rebrand Graphic Device
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