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Estate Agent branding & printed materials

Ealing-based estate agents Go View London brought az.design on board for a design refresh to stop them getting lost in a crowded marketplace. The project took around a year to complete, with az.design gradually updating all marketing materials and documents within the business to reflect the new brand identity and direction.


Visual identity
Bespoke illustrations
Brochure design
Stationery & flyers

Go View London Estate Agent Branding

The brief

The initial brief was to produce a corporate brochure and a series of lettings letters. But the business was also suffering from a lack of consistency in their visual identity. It didn’t reflect their ethos or brand values, leaving new clients unaware of the dedicated level of service offered. We worked with them on a brand-new visual identity to amplify their marketing and help them shine amongst competitors.


The project began with az.design creating bespoke digital illustrations of Go View London’s Ealing office and the surrounding areas. This design handwriting formed the backbone of the rebranding project, flowing through everything from brochures and letterheads to social media graphics, print adverts and business cards.


With their consistent and recognisable visuals across the local area, Go View London gained more and more work.

Business grew, allowing them to open up a second office in Acton (with az.design again providing new office illustrations to reflect their second home) and we continue to work together on ongoing design and branding projects.

Estate agent branding and illustrations

Client testimonial

We’ve worked with Angela since 2015 and she has been brilliant for our business. Before we outsourced to az.design, clients could not connect the depth of our service with the initial first impression, as our ethos was not reflected in our branding. Since working together, we have ignited the brand and given a greater framework to our company, enhancing our appeal to clients.


Design deliverables

Visual identity & bespoke illustrations

We produced one-of-a-kind illustrations, icons and infographics for use throughout the new marketing materials. This included a linear digital drawing of the external facade of the office, which came to form the new visual brand for Go View London, helping them stand out from other estate agents in the area. The unique nature of the illustrations also reflected their ethos, offering a personal service and close client relationships during the buying and selling process.


Illustrations and infographics were used throughout a corporate brochure, to help visually explain the sales and lettings process and make it easy to understand. Many people do not read all the info, so showing the process as an infographic was a really helpful way to convey the in-depth process at a glance.

Print marketing materials

We translated the illustrations and new designs onto business cards, letters, stationary, folders, pop-up banners, social media graphics and print adverts. Finally, website content and design consultancy was also provided – reflecting the new brand identity consistently across all media channels.

Go View London Estate Agent Branding - Brochure design
Go View London estate agent branding
Go View Estate Agent Branding Acton Office Illustration
Go View London Estate Agent Branding - Brochure design
Go View London Estate Agent Branding - Brochure design
Estate Agent Branding Folder
Estate Agent Branding Folder
Go View Estate Agent Branding - adverts trailfinders
Go View Estate Agent Branding - adverts
Go View Estate Agent Branding Acton Office Map
Go View Estate Agent Branding Ealing Office Map

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