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After five years as part of a franchise, Heritage Healthcare Ealing decided to strike out on their own and become an independent provider of at-home care services. For this, they needed to establish independent visual branding and a memorable name, which encapsulated their ethos and warm approach to delivering care. We’re so glad they came to us.


Brand Strategy
Logo design
Visual identity
Brochures & flyers
Website design&build

Robin Home Care Branding website

The brief

While founders Ivan and Daniela knew exactly what made their offering unique, a lack of design experience made it hard to translate it into a clear brand image, which is where our help would be crucial. They also needed to make the new venture a clear departure from their old business branding to attract new clients, while keeping elements that had resonated with existing clients a strong part of the new look.


The core values of care, attention, family and positivity were integral to what the brand offered, so this needed to shine through their new business identity. We used this as a jumping-off point to guide everything, from a new name to the finished look and feel of their updated brand identity.


Three new enquires via the website in the first week of launch.

Robin Home Care enjoyed a highly successful website launch, supported with a 360-degree approach to marketing – from their SEO strategy to print and digital materials. Collectively, this brought in three new enquiries in the first week of advertising.

Robin Home Care branding flyer design

Client testimonial

We are absolutely delighted with the end result. Our online presence now prompts many to do more research on our services and call us. Rather than just offering website design, takes a holistic approach starting with brand image in order to ensure a consistent public message and presence across all platforms. Throughout the whole process, Angela has been responsive to our requirements and innovative with her suggestions. She has been a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her professional approach, experience and knowledge.

IVAN COUTINHO, Executive Director

Design deliverables

Naming & brand strategy

As a newly independent company, they needed a new name. So we carried out interviews with their existing customers, as well as an exercise to understand the company’s core values. Everything emphasised the family-run business’ huge levels of warmth, positivity and care. As the UK’s most-loved bird, the robin was the perfect fit. Robin Home Care was born – an emotive and endearing name which connects with their audience’s desire for exceptional delivery of care. These qualities became the guiding force for the brand strategy and visual identity.

Logo & visual identity

Produced using patterns and illustrations, Robin Home Care’s brand identity was designed to feel accessible, familiar and safe. On the logo, we swapped out the robin’s classic bright red chest for a warm red, and complemented the rest of the brand colours with a subdued, calming palette of warm beige, deep red, teal and navy. We also commissioned a photoshoot with an associate, Syarifah Photography – using Robin’s clients and carers as models to denote a realistic, transparent approach across all marketing touchpoints.

Website design & build

Before we started the web design process, we brought on SEO experts (PinkSeo.Marketing) to target keywords reflecting key searches being made by potential customers in the surrounding areas of Ealing and Richmond. These were then used to inform the new sitemap, with subsequent content and visuals fully aligned with the SEO strategy. This thorough approach resulted in several new enquiries immediately after the website launched.

Brochures & print marketing materials

Lastly, our design work was extended to cover print and digital marketing materials. We produced a digital and printed brochure and print flyer with the goal of creating more brand awareness and providing interested parties with further info ahead of a first consultation. For this reason, we chose to use an on-request brochure download as an opt-in for those interested in pricing. Not only did this help to communicate valuable info ahead of the consultation process, but it helped Robin Home Care to increase their email list through sign-up data. The flyers were printed and delivered en-masse in the Ealing area, sparking plenty of new enquiries.

Robin Home Care Branding
Robin Home Care Branding
Robin Home Care Branding
Robin Home Care Branding
Robin Home Care Website
Robin Home Care Branding

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