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Business Growth Consultant branding & website

Established business growth consultant Emmie Faust felt a lack of visual identity was holding her brand back. She reached out to us for help creating a consistent brand identity which put her personality front and centre, and differentiated her from competitors.


Logo design
Visual identity
Brand guidelines
Social templates
Website design&build


Emmie Faust website design & build

The brief

The brief for Emmie’s new brand was to create a sharp, sassy image to match her impressive credentials, while demonstrating her unique and vibrant consultancy approach. She wanted to feel more confident in the content she was producing, complemented by a better website and consistent identity across all digital platforms, to make her stand out against competitors. az.design worked with Emmie on logo design, visual identity, brand guidelines, website design and build, plus social media branding.


Emmie’s vibrant personality is her biggest selling point. So we knew this needed to be reflected in her new branding. We used this as an objective design measure throughout our process, always ensuring that the concepts captured the infectious energy she brings to her consulting clients. 

Emmie also needed to position her brand comfortably amongst venture capitalists for strategic alliances, while engaging her core target client – founders of digital businesses. A kick-off questionnaire analysed her target market and competitors to assess her positioning, and identify her unique values for visual representation.


Emmie has gone from an inconsistent brand identity to an instantly recognisable one – from her logo to her social feeds and website.

What’s more, she can now use the brand guidelines document within her extended team, ensuring all content posted is on-brand, without the need for formal explanations or handovers. This has freed up her time to work with clients while knowing her branding will be consistent, regardless of who on the team is handling her marketing. Emmie now feels confident in her website design, and more empowered to promote the excellent content she produces.

Emmie Faust Branding

Client testimonial

Before working with Angela, I didn’t have any branding or visual identity and I knew I needed it – not only to differentiate myself, but also to feel proud of the work and content that I was putting out there. I am incredibly happy with the work that Angela has done for me. It brings me joy! She is talented, delivers on time, and does a great job. I’m always happy with the work that Angela does for me and would 100% recommend her.


Design deliverables

Logo design & visual identity

The zigzag logotype was created from the MM in Emmie, but also reflects the dynamism Emmie brings to the room, evoking her role as an action-orientated catalyst for clients to scale and grow their business. Horizontal and stacked versions were created to work across all marketing channels and provide fluidity. A standalone mark was also created from the MM to use as a stamp to strengthen the brand image and provide variety.

When it came to colour palette, opting for vibrant details set against an elegant navy backdrop was chosen, to convey an established, trustworthy, business. Typography was kept clean and simple, with bespoke icons designed to clearly demonstrate three steps to working with Emmie. For the imagery, a mixture of fun stock images with bright coloured backgrounds were sourced to capture attention and create an immediate reaction.

The complete visual imagery comes together to create a fresh, vibrant and fun brand feel.

Brand guidelines & social templates

Social media was identified as a key area for marketing. So design templates and instructions for consistent Instagram and LinkedIn posts were included as recommendations in a mini brand guidelines document. Emmie also has a popular podcast, so az.design created feature image templates for episodes and interviews.


The website was designed and built in WordPress, using a theme which allowed Emmie or one of her team to manage ongoing updates easily from the backend. On the homepage, we integrated an opt-in form to capture new leads and a podcast carousel to highlight her most recent episodes (and keep the homepage dynamic and fresh to improve its Google ranking).

Business Growth Consultant branding
Business Growth Consultant branding: Brand Personality
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Business Growth Consultant branding: Graphic Device
Emmie Faust Brand Imagery Styling
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