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Total tax contribution of UK financial services in 2020 report design

After a successful 2019 report, The City of London Corporation once again enlisted the expertise of to produce an attractive report with relevant attractive infographics. We were issued new brand guidelines, which we had to follow to produce an easy to digest report for 2020.


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City of London Corporation TTC report 2020

The brief

After a successfully brilliant 2019 report, were approached once again to design the Total Tax Contribution report with the relevant infographics. The team were so impressed by our previous work, they decided to use our services again after going out to tender alongside two other businesses. We were the right price and the right fit having done it the previous year.


For this project, we needed to follow the new brand guidelines and therefore a minimal colour palette was used alongside clean and simple line drawings and infographics. These helped pull out and attract the eyes towards the core data and facts.

We didn’t produce a separate infographic sheet as this time the infographics were integrated into the report. Four very interesting and informative pages were created in the Exec Summary. Included were easy to digest data and facts, which allow for easy reading of the report. We also decided to include a quick glance reference with more detailed information in the sections to follow. Stock imagery was sourced to demonstrate the impact of Covid across the nation, whilst maintaining a positive optimistic tone throughout.


An accessible PDF report adhering to government standards was produced, remaining within the eight-week deadline that was issued. The City of London Corporation has used services year after year. With continued loyalty has the extra promise of knowing exactly what is expected from the work produced.

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Client testimonial

“Thank you very much for doing this so quickly and it’s been a pleasure working with you. The report looks amazing and I’m happy to let you know that everyone in PwC (both the branding team and the consultants) who has seen the report have also unanimously said how great the design is.”

– KATHARINA EHRHART, Research Advisor, City of London Corporation

City of London Corporation TTC report 2020
City of London Corporation TTC report 2020
City of London Corporation TTC report 2020
City of London Corporation TTC report 2020

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