Masthaven infographic design was commissioned to produce an infographic to depict the successful first year of life for the bank in numbers. The bank already had a strong brand with clear guidelines to work from. But, they were looking for some more realistic, fun and colourful illustrations to mark this special occasion.

Masthaven also felt that a greater human presence was needed, as the stats and message were all about the people connected to the bank over the past year. It’s people that create and make good business. As in most cases, the infographic needed to be vibrant and eye-catching, yet clear enough to show the key stats – which were very impressive. We have written about the effectiveness of infographics and their ability to increase brand awareness in my brand blog.

We created a strong visual graphic which was used across social media to spread the birthday cheer. The campaign was a great success and the design was shared over a variety of social platforms.

CLIENT Masthaven / FTI Consulting

masthaven bank birthday infographic

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