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Coach Margaret Guillen wasn’t short of clients and enquiries, but felt her current branding wasn’t helping her attract the correct ones – female entrepreneurs. She came to looking for help unifying her brand identity, as well as the look and functionality of her website. Now she attracts ideal clients from all over the world, ranks at the top of many Google searches for UK coaches and is never short of exciting new enquiries.


Logo design
Visual identity
Brand guidelines
Print materials
Website design&build

business coach branding and website

The brief

Margaret wanted a memorable logo, as well as a new website design that was functional, clear and motivating for prospective clients. On top of this, her visual identity wasn’t very consistent or inspiring. She wanted more cohesion to encourage more enquiries from ideal clients.


When she came to us, Margaret had a logo utilising her full name, Margaret Guillen. But clients often didn’t know how to pronounce her surname, leading to a lack of recall for her brand and what she offered. Using the psychology of colour, simplified elements and her coaching style to inform our design choices, delivered a new brand identity, logo and marketing materials reflecting Margaret’s straightforward and motivating approach to coaching.


Since working with us on her branding and website design, Margaret gets regular enquiries from ideal clients via Google, and even gained a new client in the US.

Margaret’s business cards were also a big hit. In meetings and networking events, people enjoy choosing one based on the quote they relate to the most. And many people have stuck them to their fridge (rather than squirrelled away in a drawer!) meaning Margaret is always front-of-mind for prospective clients.

mg Business Coach branding

Client testimonial

Angela is great at what she does. She really listened to my needs and made sure she understood, but also gave me advice on how to enhance the end result. My business was going well; I just wanted to improve my brand image and website. What efficiently delivered totally exceeded my expectations.


Design deliverables

Logo design & visual identity

Margaret’s coaching style is very mindset focused – working with female entrepreneurs, who often struggle with their limiting beliefs. So we wanted to weave this element into her visual identity. Her website,, is catchy and easy to remember. So we used this as her new logomark, using a bullseye symbol on the ‘O’ of ‘coach’ to signify her talent for identifying the mindset issues to target. 

Margaret felt strongly that her branding should not be overtly floral or feminine, but her current colour palette didn’t feel especially inviting. Being strongly associated with tranquillity and calmness, and linked to one-to-one communication, the colour blue was the perfect choice for a coach, and for Margaret’s inquisitive personality.

A photographer was commsioned to provide images of a coaching session with Margaret, as well as head shots that could subsequently be used on the webiste and in social media posts.

Website design & business cards

Margaret always has an inspiring quote or a saying to give you – whatever situation you find yourself in! So we designed 12 different business cards, each with a different motivational quote related to self development, and inspiring images, on the back. We also brought this element into her website design, utilising the quotes at the top of most pages.

We worked with PinkSEO.Marketing to make sure each page was specifically targeted for a different search term and brought in her brand colours across mastheads and footer content. Margaret’s coaching business was already doing well, but this focused approach meant that she started to attract more of the right clients straight from Google once her new website launched.

mgcoach business coach branding business cards
mg Business Coach branding
mg Business Coach branding
mg Business Coach branding
mg Business Coach branding
mg Business Coach branding
mg Business Coach branding

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