It’s YOUR Life Therapy

Counselling branding and website design

When it came to her website, Patsy wanted to attract the clients she was eager to work with but had no idea how to do that. She found herself contemplating the generation gap between herself and her clients. This hurdle meant she felt lost when it came to knowing exactly how to portray her brand through her logo, visual identity, and website. See how we overcame the generation barrier to design branding and a website that speaks volumes to her audience.


Logo design
Visual identity
Brand guidelines
3-page website design+build

It's YOUR Life Therapy Counselling branding

The brief

To start up an independent counselling business for young adults, Patsy realised she needed to meet the attention of her target audience. Therefore, she needed to commission a company name, professional brand, and website to match her audience’s interest. Patsy wanted to be accessible, whilst being user friendly, especially when it came to accessing her business via smartphones. She was aware that would be a client’s first point of contact but had no idea how to achieve it. needed to ensure accessibility was a priority in the design.


Our Micro Brand+Web Presence package was exactly what Patsy needed to reinvigorate her business as it includes a logo, visual identity, mini brand guidelines PDF and a 3-page website. Overall, the whole process took 8 weeks, starting with the initial questionnaire and worksheet guides to help Patsy consider her brand strategy and create copy content. This helped us to understand Patsy’s vision.

An associate photographer, Syarifah, produced headshots and illustrations were sourced and stylised to reflect the right customer base, whilst remaining on brand. Once all content was ready and supplied, we began work on the brand design. Furthermore, once the route was chosen, we went on to design and build a unique website that matched Patsy’s vision she had in the initial questionnaire.


“The personal interactions, the innovative creativity, the time, and the efficiency all exceeded my expectations, I am so proud of what we have achieved together for my business. The service and the results were phenomenal. I definitely want to share that!”

Patsy gained two new clients in the first week of launching the website! Her client base continues to build as a result of the new design. Patsy found that the results of the website and branding were far more reaching than just the website. Subsequently, the experience and services provided from had given her a whole new level of confidence she hadn’t realised was lacking from her business. This has given Patsy the confidence needed to propel her business forward and promote it.

Client testimonial

After my first meeting with Angela I knew that I was in good hands. stood out because of their personalised service and the real time taken to understand what I wanted. It was all carefully, and sensitively managed. I am a complete novice but never once felt that way when working with Angela.

I was consulted, included, and guided through this project and I didn’t expect to be at all. I was working with a real person who really listened and gave me more than I could have asked for.
What surprised me was, I was looking to be told what to do, the complete opposite happened, and the results were quite outstanding! is creative, innovative, responsive, and just a great company to work with. I can confidently say that the service is second to none and that makes all the difference. If you are considering, do not waste any time, just make the call! Do it, do it now!”


Design deliverables

Logo design + visual identity

We identified Patsy’s target market as young adults, so we need a fresh and young approach for the brand and logo design, essentially, we needed it to have an invigorating visual appeal.

The logotype plays on the two options of reading: YOUR Therapy and It’s YOUR Life Therapy. The emphasis on YOUR is in capitals to appeal to the target market. The mark is made up of the letters IYL and creates a little human icon to be used for favicon and as a stand-alone mark on supporting materials and social. The modern and round font Poppins was used in a bold weight to provide a sense of solidity and grounding.

A vibrant colour palette of blues, mauves and oranges was selected which reflect Patsy’s vibrant personality and the youthful aspect to her ideal clients.

Rather than using standard stock imagery we sourced illustrations to reflect clients and their emotional state. Patsy also wanted to be inclusive of all individuals, so we ensured that all the illustrations supported the idea of a diverse client base.

Brand guidelines

Our mini brand guidelines document allowed Patsy to create a strong, consistent brand to increase client trust. The guidelines will allow clients to build up more of a knowledge base of her and what her business represents. Supplied as a PDF, it includes colour palette with RGB/CMYK/# breakdowns, typography, and icons, plus pattern and illustration examples. This means that any designers, social media managers or virtual assistants she works with in the future will have a clear point of reference from the get-go.

3-page website design + build

Patsy needed a simple website that was easy to navigate, comprising Home, About, Services, Investment and Contact. We agreed that she did not need a blog on the site as SEO was not her prime marketing strategy. Primarily the site would be an informative tool where people would gain an understanding of what it would be like to work with Patsy. Most referrals would come from other counselling portals or personal recommendation. Instead of the blog, Patsy opted for two extra pages on the website, included in the package cost.

Our Micro Brand+Web Presence sites are all built on WordPress and include on-page SEO. The sites use a theme builder to make updating text and content simple for clients moving forward. An hour of training is an optional add on to learn how to add blogs and manage the WordPress site.

It's YOUR Life Therapy Counselling branding
It's YOUR Life Therapy Counselling branding
It's YOUR Life Therapy Counselling branding
It's YOUR Life Therapy Counselling branding
It's YOUR Life Therapy Counselling branding
It's YOUR Life Therapy Counselling branding

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