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Property Agent Rebrand for Cliff Gardiner Property

PROPERTY AGENT REBRAND was approached by Cliff Gardiner Property to revitalise their brand as it was not creating the right impression for the business. We were the perfect fit due to our extensive experience in property agent rebrand, having recently rebranded two estate agents, Go View London and R Whitley & Co.

Firstly, we did a brand strategy review, looking at competitors, audience, USPs, personality and story. This set the foundation to base the new visual identity on. The existing CG logomark was strong, so rather than starting from scratch with a new logo, the mark was retained. However, it was given greater presence and strength by being contained within a bright red square. Denoting the brand personality traits: competent, resourceful, tenacious, logical, confident, passionate and experienced. The logotype was refined and simplified using a clean sans serif font and highlighting the Cliff to again give prominence and flair. The visual identity was created with colour palette, typography, graphic imagery and photographic imagery style.

Secondly, a fully optimised website was produced in WordPress with a simple builder for the client to manage updates moving forward. The SEO was managed in partnership with PinkSEO.Marketing, so that all the pages were optimised for content from the get go. A stylised map illustration was produced to demonstrate the areas covered by the business. A blog was created and set up with training provided by PinkSEO on how to write blogs and use WordPress. Finally, social media header banners were then produced to give a consistent online brand presence.

CLIENT Cliff Gardiner Property
Strategy. Branding. Design. Website.

Cliff Gardiner Property Agent Rebrand
Cliff Gardiner Property Agent Rebrand
Cliff Gardiner Property Agent Rebrand
Cliff Gardiner Property Agent Rebrand

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Angela has been inspirational with a complete rebrand of my business profile and a comprehensive redesign of my website. She was able to interpret my needs and understand my requirements perfectly and I am incredibly happy with the results.

Cliff Gardiner

Owner, Cliff Gardiner Property

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