If you are regular reader of my blog, you’ll know I love to have guest bloggers who can provide expertise in other areas of your business, not just brand and design. The key to a solid brand is really understanding the vision for your business. What do you want to offer and achieve with your products or services? How do you want your business to be perceived by your customers? How do you communicate your offer to your customers? What makes you stand apart from the other businesses in your field?

These are all important questions and areas to consider in building a brilliant business. So, when I was building my business, Margaret was instrumental in helping me explore and understand my service offer, business objectives and goals. Having an external person work on the business really helps you see it as others do. Well, that’s enough about me, here’s Margaret’s quick tips on growing your business…


Would you like to double up your income and grow your business?

It’s more achievable than you might think if you follow these steps!


A thriving business is an amazing thing… You get paid very well to help people to improve their lives. There’s nothing better…

However, we all know that you can always make things better and take to another level.

If you want to help a lot of people and enjoy the financial rewards that come from helping others  get the results they want, then here are a few secrets for you to be more successful:


Secret #1: Get your core marketing message crystal clear

Identify who your ideal client is, what they want and what you can do for them that will make them immediately think: “I need your help.”


Secret #2: Establish expert positioning

Set yourself up as an expert, so people will see how working with you will make a bigger difference than working with anyone else. When you do this, your ideal clients will say: “I want to work with you.


Secret #3: Create compelling branding

Branding is more than colours and images. When you brand your business around your mission, and around  clear and compelling values, you will never need to convince anyone to buy anything. Instead, they’ll be inspired and hungry to buy from you.


Secret #4: Develop rock solid confidence

If you’ve ever had any doubt and worries, you’re not alone. Yet, they can be the biggest thing that blocks you from having the success and the impact you desire. Working with your mind-set to clear your fears and doubts is a critical secret to developing confidence inside and out.

When you put these four secrets into action, nothing is going to stand in the way of you making the difference, grow your business and earning all the money that you want.

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As an example of how has helped Margaret grow her business with brand and design, check out the animated GIF below. It was produced for Margaret to post on Facebook as a reminder for people to say a positive affirmation each day. One of many simple ways to give to your customers whilst growing your business reach.

grow your business - animated GIF example

See examples of what I can do below and how I can help you brand your business …

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