When you’re first starting out, the option to do a DIY brand is the first thing that comes to mind. Usually, this is so you can save money when you’re launching your business. Doing it yourself can dominate the idea of reaching out to an expert. However, does it actually save you money in the long run?

When starting out, it’s important to consider a wide range of things before diving in headfirst. These should be considered before contacting an expert to build it. Creating a brand isn’t something that can be done overnight. So, whether you decide to do it yourself or reach out to an expert, it’s always recommended to do the research needed beforehand. This blog is going to tell you the best way to deal with your brand problems and queries. From social media aspects to understanding your brand identity. We’ll give you an honest comparison of a DIY brand vs using an expert.

The pros and cons of a DIY brand

The key to doing anything to do with creating your brand is research, research, and more research. It’s the most important thing to be fully aware of three elements. Firstly, your target audience, then your current audience, and finally, where you want your brand to go. Visualising the destination for your brand and setting goals is a good way to stay on track when making important decisions.

Going for the DIY brand style can also help to keep your brand as authentic to your wishes as you possibly can. This is done without the fear of someone wanting to adapt it to their own preferences or beliefs that may differ from your own. Consistent brand identity over your website and social media is key to keeping the interest of the customer!

Business owners that are passionate about putting in the time and work to create a brand will often succeed. Although, in some cases, it can be a flop, especially where the work hasn’t been put into researching the brand’s outreach opportunities. Neither have they investigated how it can thrive forward to become an established and recognised brand.

Brand identity can also be a difficult thing to establish, especially when just starting out. Calling in the expert at this point may be more beneficial, especially if this process begins to feel daunting. When working with an expert, they will want to work alongside you to come to agreements about what you want for the brand.

What tools will I need to do a DIY brand?

This is a bit of a tricky question for a DIY brand. There is no set way to go around designing your own brand, but there are tools that can come in helpful. For example, setting up a webpage and corresponding social media that link between can be a great start! Things as small as coordinating colour schemes across multimedia channels can be a distinct part of brand identity to set you apart from the crowd. These small recognitions can be also useful if you decide to go from DIY to getting help from an expert.

Logos and graphics can also be created on websites and software such as Canva. If you pay for a premium account, you can even set up your own brand board with colours, logo and typography. If you’re an online business, you need to ensure you have a website and social channels ready to showcase your brand.DIY Brand with Canva

Building the groundwork is a useful function for any brand from the beginning. This will always be appreciated when you decide to outsource, as they will be able to recognise what kind of people they will be working with. No detail is too small in this world. Whether it’s a writing style that sets you out from a different company or a blog element on your website that promotes SEO. There are so many ways for you to stand out from the crowd, researching now can give you that bit of a head start!

What is great about working with an expert?

An expert in brand design will work with the client, other designers, copywriters, artists, and account managers, overseeing projects through to production. They will look at outsourcing to specialists for help if necessary. This will ensure that the job is done to the highest standard. They are also more than capable of working alone as they have outstanding organisational skills.


When you go in for working with an expert, you’re in for the long haul. This is a good thing! They want nothing more than to see you succeed at what you do best. When calling in the expert, you have the reassurance and confidence that you will be working in safe hands. These people know exactly what they’re doing. They’re there to follow your every wish to build a brand that represents everything you’re working towards.

This can often be a perfect investment for businesses, as it saves time and energy in the long run. Especially when it comes down to rebranding, as they’ve already been able to partner with an expert that knows them and their journey so far. Doing this can give you reassurance on your decisions, as well as professional feedback and input into your branding decisions.

When going to an expert, once again, it’s key to have done the right amount of research into what you want to be doing. It helps you to get the best for your money from the expert, as well as giving them the best possible opportunity to give you the help that you need. Researching these things will indicate to the brand expert that you’re keen to get the best from their services.

Are you ready to embark on the journey of branding?

Before you make the decision on whether to do a DIY brand or use an expert, reflect. It’s important to reflect on where you are in your business right now. The first thing you need to know is who your audience is and what the direction of your business will be. There is no point in enlisting the services of an expert if you haven’t a clue who you want to aim your brand at, or what you want to do.

When people do home improvements, they often look for the cheapest way to get the best look. However, it is known that this can potentially be a waste of time and money. This is especially true if they don’t possess the right tools or knowledge about home improvements. The same goes for when you decide to opt for a DIY brand. The foundations are there, but the expertise and flair needed to make it perfect may not be up to the standards that you wish to achieve.

Any small business will understand that budgeting is important! But the expert help will know this also and will always stick to the budget that you suggest. It is a paramount part of dealing for them to respect the barriers of working in a small business will mean that the finances to start with will not match the same figures as some bigger companies.

A top tip is to ensure to decide upon a budget and stick to it, whether you go to an expert of DIY your brand! Budgeting can be the key to maximising the outcomes of your brand! Want my advice on whether you should do a DIY brand or use an expert, such as AZ.design? Contact us today. 


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