Brands are representing themselves on more platforms than ever. With this in mind, graphic design is continuously evolving and innovating across industries. What has caught our eye, is the ask of businesses to show authenticity and personality through design in order to stand out. So it’s no surprise that trends for 2023 reflect this. Let’s take a look…

Here are 10 top trends in graphic design to watch for in 2023 and our client projects as examples.

1. Branded illustrations – Financial Health Club

Illustrations unique to a brand are projected to grow in popularity next year. The appeal here is that branded illustrations not only add a personal touch to a business, they further build character and recognition.

As a new business, Financial Health Club wanted a unique, exceptionally designed and high-quality brand and website to stand out in an overcrowded market.

Bespoke illustrations were commissioned to instil trust, safety and money but in an approachable way. The fun and lively binary figures represent taking giant leaps in the right direction with the help of Financial Health Club.


2023 graphic design trends: branded illustrations example 2023 graphic design trends: branded illustrations example

2. Modern natural – Bocconcini Bakery

At a time when consumers are more conscious about the planet than ever, the modern natural trend is projected to grow. Earthy tones, textures and a handcrafted feel are hallmark traits, reflecting a brand that cares about the environment. 

For their next growth phase, Bocconcini Bakery wanted to branch out into the retail space. They needed a brand refresh plus pizza packaging design to support both the trade and retail markets.

Bocconcini Bakery’s vibrant colours are a nod to their Italian heritage. Illustrative elements along with the kraft paper background give an artisan, natural feel that exudes quality. Handwritten  typography adds a friendly and comforting touch.

2023 graphic design trends: modern natural example 2023 graphic design trends: modern natural example

3. Custom type – Sedas

Tailored type adds serious originality to a brand logo. Much can be expressed through manipulating the shape of letters and words to suit the brand personality – a technique we will see more of next year.

Sedas Strategic Land required a strong visual identity to match their expertise and brand values.

A responsive and customised logo system was created alongside an elegant visual graphic representing both the British countryside and topographic contour lines. The ‘s’ in Sedas stops early and finishes with a green point, denoting completion. Whereas the top of the letter ‘d’ is sliced diagonally to symbolise precision and professionalism. The one-of-a-kind ‘s’ makes a strong encased logomark for the brand.


2023 graphic design trends: custom type example 2023 graphic design trends: custom type example

4. Expressive typography – When the Adults Change

Content creation for social media has allowed expressive typography to come into its own. In 2023, more brands will be using typography to convey thoughts and feelings. Whether through a combination of typefaces, specific arrangement, or use of colour.

School behaviour specialists When the Adults Change, wanted to create a refined brand identity to make it more vibrant, engaging and friendly. The words that make up the logo are positioned in steps and denote gradual improvement. Strong typographic quotes combined with complementary sketched icons create an immediately recognisable brand. 


2023 graphic design trends: expressive typopgraphy example 2023 graphic design trends: expressive typopgraphy example

5. Utilitarian – Revi / Gleyson

Utilitarian design strips back dispensable elements in favour of functionality. With consumers spending a large portion of time browsing products and services online, great user experience is paramount. 

Sister companies Revi Properties and Gleyson Limited needed branding to complement one another. A simple and bespoke linear mark was created for each that combines the letter ‘r’ or ‘g’ and a roof top peak. Both brands use a muted colour scheme, are understated, refined and minimal. This enables clarity and quality while retaining a stylish thread throughout. 


2023 graphic design trends: utilitarian example 2023 graphic design trends: utilitarian example

6. Maximalist – Get Into Golf

Big, bright and bold is what the maximalism trend brings. This aesthetic style mixes patterns, shapes, fonts, turns up the saturation and makes use of space – unlike the use of white space in best web design trends in 2022. It is all about standing out and often features primary colours.

The goal of England Golf’s Get Into Golf campaign rebrand was to create an instantly recognisable and standout brand.

The dynamic and energetic visual language created uses 45 degree stripes, arrows and zigzags, overlaid on top of realistic and honest photography. Maximalism design inspired several colour combinations to distinguish between the campaign’s target audiences.

2023 graphic design trends: maximalist example 2023 graphic design trends: maximalist example

7. Motion – Catalyst Finance

Video content is king across digital marketing because it reflects real life. For this reason, motion will continue to gain popularity in 2023. The more a brand can tell its story the more it will be understood and related to.

New startup Catalyst Finance offers finance solutions for media and broadcasting. They needed a brand identity to help them appeal to their target audience. Vibrant colours of blue and magenta were chosen to be memorable and bold. They are also reminiscent of the bright lights and colours in the entertainment and broadcast industry. The use of video behind the logo is striking and creates motion and energy.


2023 graphic design trends: motion example 2023 graphic design trends: motion example

8. Futuristic – Wormhole 

Corporate branding doesn’t have to be boring. We’re seeing the futuristic and sci-fi design trend trickle into more corporate brands from the creative industries, giving them a cutting-edge feel. Futuristic design is appealing because it denotes advanced science and technology, insinuating a brand that is at the forefront.

Investment company Wormhole wanted a brand that was evocative of their purpose. Bold and audacious, unafraid and innovative. Straight-talking and uncomplicated. They back special founders and deeply independent thinkers with audacious dreams and relentless determination.

A simple, modern logotype was produced along with a wormhole mark taken from the logotype. In addition, a bold image of a wormhole was graphically altered to work with the duotone colour palette of the brand.

The result is a futuristic, sleek and dynamic visual identity that simultaneously stands-out in the market and appeals to the target audience.


2023 graphic design trends: futuristic example 2023 graphic design trends: futuristic example

9. Abstract shapes – Cognomie

Organic abstract shapes have been a popular graphic device in recent years. In 2023 we’ll continue to see abstract shapes but they’ll be bolder and more geometric.

Mental Fitness Coaching business Cognomie wanted the brand to be more innovative, collaborative and people-focused and to work more effectively across digital platforms as this is their main touch point with clients.

With the cog being a core element of the original logo design, it’s deconstructed into geometric abstract shapes to denote conversations, manageable tasks, and building blocks. This echoes the brand’s mission to create an inclusive, pioneering movement – delivering mental fitness coaching services virtually, measuring outcomes digitally, through technology but with humans at the heart of it all.


Cognomie rebrand Cognomie rebrand

10. Serif typefaces – It’s YOUR Life Therapy

Some trends will always return and the use of Serif typefaces is one of them. This font family is recognisable, classic and reliable. Serif fonts are characterised by letters that are winged or flared are the tips.

It’s YOUR Life Therapy wanted a brand that came across as approachable, conversational and encouraging to their target audience of teenagers and young adults. The brand’s logo uses the modern and round Sans Serif font Poppins in a bold weight to provide a sense of solidity and grounding. The Sans Serif family of fonts are professional, friendly and easy to read – an ideal fit.


It's YOUR Life Therapy Counselling branding It's YOUR Life Therapy Counselling branding

Visually appealing graphic design comes in all shapes and sizes – the choice can be overwhelming. Therefore, having a strong brand, guidelines document and plenty of assets makes for a brand that can bend and flex to keep up with trends.

If you’d like further advice on 2023 graphic design trends to make your business stand out, get in touch with today.