Your website is the online shop front for your business. You know it’s vital to have your audience in mind when designing your website. Especially when it comes to meeting their needs. Your website is a crucial aspect of marketing, it’s what helps to draw people in. Not forgetting, it’s what can keep your audience wanting to learn more about your business. It’s also important to keep an eye on the best website trends. This is to ensure you are keeping up with the demands of your audience.

This blog will look at everything you can do from bold typography to the crucial user experiences. How can we use our website to seek success for our business in 2022? By looking at what we expect to be the best website trends for 2022.

Why is it good to know the best website trends for 2022?

Did you investigate the web design trends for 2021? Or did you wing it this year? Below we will explore why it’s good to know the best website trends for 2022.

It may seem overwhelming to prospectively plan next year. However, it can be far less stressful to have a plan of action for what kind of things you’re wanting to implement. Whether it’s a whole website redesign, or whether you want to delegate more time towards social media outreach. There’s a plethora of different routes that you can go down, all equally exciting! Even if you decide to just implement one or two new trends, it could be exactly what your brand needs.

Like a spring clean, a web refresh can just make things feel a bit newer and more exciting! The website can often be overlooked, as it may just be a gateway to accessing the services that you provide. However, a gateway is so important and can be the deciding factor as to whether someone decides to take their custom to you, or elsewhere. Ensuring to keep that space tidy and organised will allow for them to see exactly what they’re looking for. After all, easy navigation is something that many website users will be appreciative of.

Based on what 2021 offered in terms of website trends, it gives us a good guide as to what audiences will expect next year. Let’s get into it and look at a few ideas.

What design elements could I introduce?

2021 saw so many unique design elements that could transfer over to next year and still be on-trend. There are some classic designs that just never go out of fashion in the world of web design.

For example, having a black and white theme is something that website designers often refer to. Black and white are two of the most contrasting colours you can use to create websites. This makes them easy to balance out on the page, which allows for good symmetry to be maintained. Overall, this theme can give a clean and polished look to any business. Here at we love black and white as you can see! 😉

Both colours can work well together on communicating the messages that make your business what it is. They really compliment certain pages well, especially where photos and graphics are added to break it up a bit. It can give certain pages the sophisticated tone they need! Navy and white is also a great combination to create a smart, sophisticated look. Here’s a recent branding and website project we worked on for Great Park Homecare which uses a navy and white combination.

Best website trends of 2022: Great Park Home care: care company branding

If you didn’t want to go for something as clear cut as a black and white theme, light and dark themes can have the same impact. However, it’s slightly less intense. This allows for the page to remain sophisticated. However, it also digs into using a colour scheme that matches what you want to project to your audience.

Deciding on a colour theme and sticking to it can also be beneficial. This is because it can be a cornerstone to the way that people view your brand. There are millions of different colour palettes out there that complement each other well. Potentially have a few options and put them to a vote and see what people in your team like the most. Don’t be afraid to be risqué, after all. Some things that go against the norm can be exactly what your website needs for a refresh.

What about white space?

The area that lays between design elements is known as white space. It is also the space within individual design elements. For example, the space between characters. Despite the name, however, white spaces don’t necessarily need to be white in colour!

White space can be a texture, pattern, certain colour or background blurred image. White space isn’t wasted space! White space can allow for your audience to not become overwhelmed. There’s often nothing worse than when there’s just too much information to take in at once.

Don’t be afraid to leave gaps and leave the overcrowding for the conference room.

What’s something a bit different I could do to my website?

Whilst there’s something appealing about a classic flat design, there’s also adventurous routes that can be taken. Especially when considering website trends for 2022. Thinking outside the box and doing something a bit different is always a good way of reaching new audiences. This is especially true when you’re looking to expand your services to a new market.

Something that we saw a little bit of this year is hand-drawn concepts. These are brilliant for bringing your brand closer to home, especially in the arts sector. People can visualise the concepts that you want to get across to your audience. If communicating this via drawing is the best way to do so, then it could potentially be beneficial to add to your website design.

Hand drawn is a novelty that people don’t think too much about in the ages of tech. However, there’s something really humbling about seeing a sketch on the back of a napkin. If you’re not much of an artist yourself, don’t forget you can always commission a piece specifically for your brand. Not only does this support small businesses, but it demonstrates links that may be out of your field as a business. We did this recently for our client, When the Adults Change – so we could demonstrate certain scenarios in schools in a fun and playful manner.

Best website trends for 2022: When the Adults Change website with sketches

Going against the norm: best website trends

Some of the best website trends are those that go against the norms and expectations of a web design.

Something that really stuck out in 2021 was the concept of dark mode. This is where users had the option to change the colour scheme from light to dark. This is a feature that allows accessibility for those that can read better without bright colours. However, it also gives the audience an opportunity to interact with the page that you’ve worked so hard to design.

By designing a ‘light’ and ‘dark’ mode, it can allow your audience to interact with the page in a way that they’re more comfortable with. For example, some people may be put off the website if the option isn’t there to choose from.

The asymmetric layout is something that a lot of web designers favour when doing a new page layout. It’s not necessarily something completely out of the water, but it’s a fun modern way of presenting yourself. Asymmetry is simply the absence of what we view as being symmetry. But asymmetry does not have to lack balance and harmony.

In fact, it can be very appealing for younger audiences, as linear columns can appear to be uninteresting. Again, it completely depends on the audience in question. Knowing your audience is a crucial aspect of any web redesign.

Where’s a good place to start?

Well, a good place to begin your work is by looking at your landing page or homepage. Where the client is brought to when they click on the link. What do you like about it? What do you think your audience likes most when they click on? Something that isn’t talked about too often is the fact that audiences can change over time. By updating the landing page frequently, you can both maintain the attraction of your current audiences whilst invoking the interest of potential new custom. You could use web tools such as Hotjar  or Google Analytics to see how users navigate through your site and which buttons they use.

The landing page is a crucial aspect of website trends that never seem to die out. It will always be an important aspect of any website, so ensure to dedicate time to making improvements. Whether that’s by adding graphics or changing the font. Even small changes can have a big impact!

Mind map the ideas you have and present them to a team you trust. They may even have their own ideas of what can be improved! The more eyes on the project the better. It doesn’t have to be stressful, in fact, it can even be quite fun if you allow yourself to enjoy the process! It can be a team bonding activity, as it encourages the team to discuss what they think would improve the business.

I have big plans; how can I manage them all?

Thinking big is great! But when you have huge plans and only a small in-house team, it can be stressful to delegate this workload to them. This calls for outsourcing and looking for freelance workers to help bring your imagination to life. To ensure high quality, sometimes it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Trust the ones that handle what you have in mind, day in and day out. Whether you hire someone to specialise in graphic design or want a brand-new landing page written. There are talented people out there who want to help you! Do your research. Looking into 2022 web designers and their products can be a productive use of time. After all, it’s an investment in your business!

Remember, by thinking ahead, you can save a lot of time and stress for the future!

If you’d like to know more about which pages you need on your website, then you may find this article useful; What pages do I need on my website?

Investing time into researching what you want now can save a lot of time. After all, it’s often a lot easier to redesign a website when the client has a rough idea in mind. Should you, however, decide that you cannot decide what to do, there are consultants who can guide you through it. Often, outsourcing a professional and getting their viewpoint can be a very worthwhile investment.

Digital marketing is something that most businesses will be acquainted with. But there’s so much more to consider than just the figures and words on a page. By looking at the best website trends, you’re making profitable moves regarding the way you do digital marketing.

If you’d like further advice on the best website trends for 2022, get in touch with today.



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