It’s no secret that access to effective artificial intelligence (AI) has boomed over the last year, hugely influencing the design landscape. We’ll see more graphics and logos influenced by AI in 2024 as brands catch up with the technology. Having said that, consumers still want authenticity and personality from companies, as we shared in last year’s 2023 graphic design trends blog. 

As a brand design consultancy, working with start-ups, SMEs and corporates, we’re asking; how will AI and authenticity converge? Let’s take a look…

Here are 10 top trends in graphic and logo design to watch for in 2024 with real-world examples to inspire you:

1. AI-generated imagery

As AI gets closer to producing completely lifelike images, in 2024 we’ll see more brands using it in place of models and maybe even to demonstrate their target audience. Unlike traditional methods that may have limitations in showcasing diversity, AI will allow brands to create visuals that reflect a range of backgrounds, cultures, and identities. This inclusivity enhances how relatable a brand is and breaks away from stereotypes. AI-generated imagery could create the perfect backdrops for logos to stand out. 


2. Creative fonts

We’re big fans of custom type at AZ Design for its ability to create a distinctive and unique visual identity, setting a brand apart from competitors. This tailored approach improves brand recognition because it makes it instantly recognisable and memorable. Custom type also allows for laser-focused alignment with a brand’s personality and messaging so the brand story and values can be more effectively communicated. What we like most about creative fonts is how versatile they are – they can be brought to life through animation giving another dimension to a logo. Bespoke fonts can be created as part of a brand suite, something we project will continue to gain popularity over the coming year.


3. Wireform

In the wireform trend, we’re seeing digital design go back to basics. The starting point of any digital design is on a grid, which lends itself to infinite logo possibilities. Words and letters can be spelled out in clever ways, or rudimentary shapes can be created all whilst sticking to a familiar structure. Wireform logos we believe will gain popularity as a middle ground between old and new, traditional and modern – particularly within the STEM industry where grids (whether on spreadsheets or otherwise) are relevant to the product or service.


4. Bold vibrant colours

What better way to capture attention and create a strong visual impact than with bold and vibrant brand colours? They are a sure-fire way for a brand to stand out and this trend isn’t going anywhere for 2024. Colour evokes emotion and helps to establish an emotional connection with the audience. Plus, bold colours can give a sense of energy, excitement, and modernity, which can be particularly appealing to younger and more dynamic demographics. With consumers being exposed to a constant stream of information, no more so than in 2024, bold colours can cut through the noise to leave a lasting impression.


5. 3D brand mascots

In 2024, we’ll see more brand mascots, reminiscent of the Office Assistant paperclip, Clippy, in Microsoft Office that was popular in the late 90s and early 2000s. The beauty of a mascot is that it personifies a brand, adding a relatable and human touch. As consumers seek more authentic and personable connections with brands, mascots provide a way of building emotional ties and a sense of loyalty. Mascots being created three-dimensionally brings in a futuristic component and gives more scope for what the mascot can do – animating it and having it appear across platforms for example.



6. Hand-drawn illustration

We’re believers that despite advances in AI, there will always be a desire for hand-drawn illustration. In their pursuit of creating genuine connections with their audiences, brands are likely to embrace the enduring appeal of human-created art. This trend shows a recognition of the energy and individuality embedded in hand-drawn illustrations – the timeless charm of human craftsmanship.


7. Nature-led design

A trend as old as time. We might go as far as to say that nature is the original source of inspiration for designers, so it comes as no surprise that we’ll be seeing nature-led design in 2024. Whilst some brands are leaning into AI, others are leaning away from it and seeking earthy, organic shapes, and to show their commitment to sustainability. Plus, what’s more authentic than the natural world?


8. Connecting lines

In a bid to foster connection with their target audience, connecting lines will be a popular trend for 2024. Symbolising cohesion, unity, and interconnectedness, connecting lines are a more obvious way for brands to convey community and that sense of weaving seamlessly into the lives of their customers. This trend reflects a conscious effort to not just sell products but to establish a genuine relationship.


9. Pixels

The use of pixels in graphics and logos is an interesting blend of nostalgia and modernity. Pixels were synonymous with early digital aesthetics and are making a comeback in a fresh and innovative way for 2024. This trend not only resonates with a generation that grew up with pixelated graphics but also serves as a powerful tool for brands that want to communicate a forward-thinking and digitally fluent identity.


10. Pink

The Barbie takeover in 2023 (the release of the Barbie film and subsequent brand partnerships) was a pivotal moment for the colour pink. We saw many major brands use it in their marketing and huge consumer participation as it was adopted into the mainstream. Pink has become a more universally accepted colour, coinciding with the Y2K movement which is particularly popular with Gen Z. We’ll see brands using pink in their logos and visual identity to appeal to centennials, a young, tech-savvy, and socially-minded generation with spending power. Even AZ Design has embraced a new pink shade in our brand kit for 2024!



There’s no doubt that AI will play a part in graphic and logo design this year, but we can also see that more traditional design methods like hand-drawn logos and inspiration from nature will also be present. 2024 will be the year for brands to strike a balance between the use of technological advances in design and remaining authentic. 

If you’d like further advice on graphic and logo design to make your business stand out this year, get in touch with AZ Design today.