Are you launching a new business, product, or service? Or perhaps you are about to embark on a business rebrand. You may wonder how integral graphic design is to your company’s success. At its best, graphic design can be a critical way to help you communicate visually. It helps you create a professional brand, and sell your vision to others. So, why does graphic design matter? Below we will explore ten reasons. 

1. Why does graphic design matter when it comes to marketing your brand?

Firstly, graphic design is fundamental to marketing. When it comes to promoting, customers are often swayed by visual representations. Professional graphic designers use eye-catching design elements to communicate with your audience. This is not restricted to just graphics. For instance, it may include charts, branded icons, graphs and increasingly infographics.

2. Graphic design helps achieve business objectives

All companies have goals. These goals may relate to sales, expansion, increased profit, or efficiency. A graphic design agency are useful partners in helping you achieve corporate objectives. They can also help you start a business from scratch. Central to many business objectives is a communication problem that requires a solution. Subsequently, graphic designers are trained in solving such issues.

3. Building a brand

Companies are often engaged in the same goal; to communicate with target audiences. This might be the broader public or a specific demographic. To do so, developing a brand is often critical. Certainly, a brand is what makes your business or organisation unique and recognisable.

Graphic design is central to this process. Creating logos, colour schemes and standardised brand identity. Is your brand consistent in your current marketing content? Above all, a consistent brand is critical to stand out against competitors.

4. Avoiding bad design

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple.

The internet is full of examples of design, both good and bad. Bad design matters. Put simply, badly designed communication materials fail to inspire and interest people. Above all, at their worst, they may get ignored or ridiculed. A bad design for your brand will also fail to make a good first impression with your audience.

On the other hand, good design is typically simple and makes the process of understanding and appreciating effortless. This is helpful to customers of businesses. As well as other organisations that have a mandate to communicate a message to the public.

5. A professionally crafted design to suit your business

Graphic design is a profession. Most graphic designers have studied and developed competency in the field. The software used by professional designers is increasingly complex. Therefore, to create content that will engage the public, expertise is necessary.

A graphic designer uses creativity, skills, and expertise to create brand guidelines that suit your business. They will be able to craft a design that will help your business engage and compel your audience to act.

6. Keeping things simple

Quality graphic design does something special. It makes communication simple. Graphic design is now a critical component across many aspects of our lives, particularly in the digital realm. Websites, social media, videos, and other online channels all require strong digital design to be effective. Making design elements easy to view via a mobile phone is vital.

7. The potential for positive contributions to society

Many graphic designers use design activism principles. Design gets recognised for its power to influence what we buy, as well as what we think and care about. Just like in other sectors, graphic designers increasingly seek engagement with stakeholders, collect and compile data and evaluate their impact.

8. Getting the right message

We’ve all heard that it is important to make a good first impression. Businesses will carefully consider the words they use to describe a product or service, or a slogan for their brand. Graphic designers also allow you to communicate a message, but visually.

why does graphic design matter? you only have 8 seconds to make an impression

9. Creating beauty

One of the reasons that graphic design matters is that the best designers create beauty. This is done through aesthetically pleasing content, products, and marketing materials. In many sectors, customers are increasingly engaged by stylish, modern, and appealing visual content. Again, this is true for online content but also applies to more traditional communication mediums. Beautiful content develops a positive image.

10. Access new markets and individuals

Graphic designers will tell you that images are just as effective to communicate with as words. Why does that matter? One reason is that visual images have an impact on everyone, regardless of the language spoken. Attracting a multilingual audience is important for a business that works across territories.

Is your business in need of brilliant design elements? 

Why does graphic design matter? It can transform the look and feel of your business. From brilliantly crafted branded icons to a logo that screams your brand personality. Create an unforgettable brand image, which is consistent throughout your print and digital media. A strong brand image leads to a strong brand reputation.

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