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This blog contains useful articles and insights relating to strategic branding, graphic design and web design. With guest blogs from our associates you can keep up to speed with the latest tips on everything from colour trends, to social media marketing and SEO.

The Best Ways of Speeding Up Your Mobile Website

MOBILE WEBSITE SPEED: OPTIMISATION TIPS No one likes slow Internet connectivity. If we mobile users had our way, we would much prefer browsing the web at optimum speeds at all times. So we get Internet service providers that offer speedy Internet service packages and...

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What is branding? Creating a strong brand.

What is branding and how can you create a successful brand for your business? So, what is branding? Branding is the process of connecting good strategy with good creativity. Branding consists of not just a logo, but the entire outward perception of your...

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The power of an infographic

Why should you use infographics to deliver your key messages? What is an infographic? Infographics are images that relay information in a visual format. Usually while using an illustrative style with cartoon-like characters combined with charts and diagrams. This...

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Colour by gender

COLOUR BY GENDER As part of my colour-themed posts, I got to thinking about whether there's a big difference in colour preferences between the sexes. Over the past week or so, I have been researching a little about colour and gender to see if I could find any studies....

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the az.design process

DESIGN PROCESS I understand that no two projects are the same and aim to create an effective and memorable brand by following a simple five-stage design process. 1. Discovery We kick off with a briefing meeting to run through our client questionnaire with you. I...

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