Which businesses would benefit from a Brand Audit?

An established business that has been trading for 5+ years would benefit from a Brand Audit. If the brand has not been reviewed within the past 5-10 years it is likely to be outdated. Visuals and graphics could be tired and the brand could be inconsistent across marketing channels. The business owners or senior team understand the importance of having a refined, considered brand. They want to keep up with new emerging, fresh companies who are entering their market, so need to make sure their brand looks slick and shows that they are established, yet current. The businesses may have a design agency or designer they use, but are not completely satisfied with what is being produced. They wonder whether the right advice is being given.

What challenges will a Brand Audit aim to solve?

Your company or business would benefit from a Brand Audit if any of the following points feel relevant:

  • The brand is out-dated and tired – logo, website, printed materials, presentations, etc
  • New competitors emerging with fresh, professional approach, clear messaging – taking business as a result
  • What customers want has evolved, but the brand has remained static
  • There are new products and services which need to be considered in the brand hierarchy
  • There’s been a change of ownership/direction so a fresh approach is required
  • It’s an established business, but losing customers or not gaining new customers
  • Employees are unclear on how to behave or interact with customers
  • There’s NO brand strategy or guidelines in existence, so key messaging is unclear
  • There’s an inconsistent brand across marketing channels, as there are too many suppliers creating varied visuals and messaging
  • There is no-one in-house who has the contacts or knowledge to outsource external marketing materials such as website development, social media assistance, marketing plans, etc
Business Brand Audit problems solved

What are the main features and benefits of a Brand Audit?

Brand is about how a company is perceived by its customers and therefore it is very hard to review it internally. A Brand Audit is a structured consultancy process which provides insight into how your company brand is perceived. A combination of an initial meeting followed by research and analysis of findings detailed in a report. It’s an impartial, external perspective given by a brand consultant with 20 years experience in the industry. The Brand Audit covers five key areas: Brand Book & Guidelines, Logo, Visual Identity, Online Presence and Printed Materials. Its provide clarity about your brand presence – the pros and cons. The report can be considered and then actioned by existing suppliers or even internally if a creative team exists.


A Brand Audit is a starting point to a bigger conversation about where they business needs to go.


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Business Brand Audit Testimonial


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If you feel your business would benefit from a Brand Audit, then get in touch with me at angela@az.design to arrange an initial consult. Or find out more on the az.design Brand Audit page on our website.

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